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Why Select Chelepis Over The Global Service Providers For Lease Auditing?

By Janet Forrest, MBA

Senior Auditor, Account Manager

“You can do two things at once, but you can’t focus effectively on two things at once.” – Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams

The Global Service Providers support a seemingly endless list of services, but are they the best choice in performing lease audits on your corporate real estate portfolio? These global firms offer lease audits for their brokerage clients, but this service is not their primary focus. Lease audits are merely another menu item on an ever-growing list of services.

Chelepis, however, offers an Occupancy Cost Control Program tailored to the individual needs of clients. Your portfolio deserves the attention of a professional team that can comply with complex audit requirements. Chelepis is a full-service commercial real estate audit and consulting firm who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Full-service means we can drive the process from lease review to refund in your hand. The Chelepis approach allows us to zero in on portfolios and provide insightful communication during the assessment, audit, and recovery process.

Identify, Quantify, and Recover

Chelepis can customize our lease services to the needs of each client, instead of fitting clients into a predetermined process. When you call, you’ll speak with the same representative who knows your staff, leases, and landlords. Chelepis provides the type of feedback you would expect from an industry professional, because we are professionals: accountants, attorneys, engineers, and brokers.

By way of the services they offer, the Global Service Providers are presumed to be experts in hundreds of diverse disciplines, but in the lease audit field, Chelepis’ level of expertise is unmatched. Our professionals have gained experience and observed industry trends over three decades while staying current on the industry’s latest innovations. Our team has mastered the complexity of the industry with time and experience, which is why Chelepis is an industry leader instead of being a “jack of all trades”.

The Global Service Providers employ thousands of staff members scattered across the globe and client communication can become more fragmented as their size increases. At Chelepis, we value intercommunication as it allows for more transparency and efficiency. Our professionals are responsive and available for you. A consultation is one call, click, or email away.

It makes sense to employ a consultant that is unmatched in expertise, tailors services to meet your specific needs, and communicates effectively with your staff and landlords. Let Chelepis be your consultant and expert.

About Chelepis

Our success is based on knowledge of how each occupancy dollar is consumed, calculated, and billed. We offer real estate industry experience from an operations, accounting, and engineering viewpoint; proven experience not offered by any other firm in the industry.


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