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Lease Services


Lease Audits 

A Lease Audit is an effective tool for tenants to know that the amounts they are being billed by their landlord follow the negotiated terms of the lease. 

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Operating Expense Review  

With a Chelepis Operating Expense Review, a senior staff member will review a sample of your lease portfolio including locations suggested by us and any others of specific concern to you. We’ll provide our feedback on potential savings identified with input on how to implement a custom occupancy control program.

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Lease Admin Process Assessment 

Chelepis offers a lease administration assessment to review your current processes and identify areas for improvement or immediate opportunities for savings.

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Overtime HVAC Rate Analysis 


We have recognized OT HVAC to be one of the most overlooked components of additional rent, and when it’s overlooked, OT HVAC can become one of the costliest components of your additional rent.

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Chilled Water Rate Audits 

In recent years, there’s been a rising trend among owners and landlords to bill tenants for chilled water outside of the normal operating expense recovery pool.

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Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Audits 

Depending on the type of location you lease, there can be a variety of expenses you pay along with your rent. While you maintain your own individual leased premises, the landlord will maintain the exterior and common areas.

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