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Water and Wastewater Audits

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Approximately 55 billion gallons of water are used by commercial and institutional buildings every single day. With a combined, national average water and sewer rate of $9.57 per kgal, that’s over $526 million in water and sewer charges per day across the country.

Chelepis has the utility billing data for thousands of facilities and utilities nationwide. After $40M in identified overcharges, we can confidently say that utility errors are more common than you think.


Our real-world data gives us a unique insight into the issues and opportunities that result in reduced sewer charges. For instance, the data shows 26 ways utilities overcharge their customers. Whether due to incorrect rates, technology malfunctions, clerical errors, or procedural inconsistencies, water and sewer charges are often overstated.


Chelepis can identify and calculate the amount of savings associated with your operation from reviewing just 12 months of utility bills. We typically accomplish this even after a utility audit firm has provided its services. This is because the Chelepis approach is not your average audit. Rather, we take our expertise past the face of the bill and scrutinizing the requirements and procedures that drive the utility billing process, often revealing issues you never knew existed.

Once identified and quantified, Chelepis will then work to recover the savings on your behalf while you focus on other priorities. In most cases, our work is performed on a contingent basis, receiving our fee only when you receive the identified savings.


Case Study

Chelepis was hired by a Fortune 100 Telecommunications Firm

to audit the wastewater bills for one of its Data Centers located in Missouri.

Our audit consisted of an in-depth analysis... Read more

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Jeff Stidham

Director, Utility Services

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