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 Smart Water


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  Of the 322 billion gallons of water that’s used in the US every day, 17 percent (55 billion gallons) is used by commercial and institutional buildings. These facilities have the responsibility of managing water use and an opportunity to save in operating expenses.

 A Scalable, End-to-End Water Monitoring Solution

Whether your water is used for irrigation, cleaning, production, or for cooling purposes, your water is an important part of your operation. Chelepis Smart Water Meters will give you the important data you need to manage your water use.


In all areas of business, waste is not an option. This is most certainly true when it comes to water and it’s becoming increasingly important that we understand our sustainability effectiveness when it comes to our water use. Our Smart Water Meter will not only monitor your water consumption, it will also notify you if there’s a leak via its Leak Alert system, allowing you to take swift action to reduce waste.


But metering your water usage is not just critical from a sustainability standpoint. The data obtained from our meters will also provide you with information that will enable you to make sound business decisions. It will tell you when you’ve overwatered, when a repair is needed, or when it’s time to replace a major component in your process.


Smart decisions require good data and our Smart Water Meters can provide just that. By reporting frequent interval usage data on a comprehensive dashboard, our meters will give you a critical insight to the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation. This data, combined with our analytics, will ensure that your operation is running smoothly, your costs are minimized, and you’re responsibly managing your most precious resource.


Case Study

Chelepis installed smart water meters on the cooling towers

at a senior living facility in Corpus Christi, TX. The data from the

smart meters measured the water going into the cooling system... Read more

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Jeff Stidham

Director, Utility Services

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