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Transactions Training

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Our clients commonly ask us: What trends are you seeing in your lease audits? 

What tips can you share for RFP and lease negotiations? We’ve packaged those

answers into a presentation for your transactions team!


At Chelepis, we believe that tightening up your operating expense provisions from the outset of lease negotiations, beginning with the Request for Proposal (RFP), is the best method for controlling future occupancy costs. That’s why we make Transactions Training available to corporate transaction teams. Our clients commonly ask us what trends we are seeing in our audits and what tips we can share for implementation in an RFP or lease negotiation.


Chelepis Transaction Training will cover key areas in the operating expense provisions of your lease that need special attention during lease negotiations. Key areas would include:


  • Breaking down gross-ups to their fixed, variable and semi-variable components

  • Discussing common issues we see with base years

  • Identifying the best starting and fallback positions for capital expenditures and amortization

  • Suggesting operating expense exclusions and limitations

  • Determining helpful language to include in the audit provision


Our training session will also help you learn what information to request from landlords when negotiating language for:


  • Overtime HVAC (OT HVAC)

  • Chilled Water

  • Sub-Metered Electricity

  • Above Standard Services (ABS)


The training format can be customized to your team with a general overview of trends and tips related to occupancy costs and lease negotiations, or it can focus on one or two specific issues that interests you. We can schedule a presentation call with your team, which only takes an hour or less. We are also available for more in-depth training online or at your location.   









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