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Utility Services

Water and Wastewater Audits

Chelepis has the utility billing data for thousands of facilities and utilities nationwide. After $40M in identified overcharges, we can confidently say that utility errors are more common than you think.
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Energy Audits 


Due to decades of experience and the assessment of thousands of electricity bills, Chelepis has in-depth knowledge of the electrical demands required at commercial facilities, and how those demands affect operating expenses.

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Submetered Electricity Audits

A sub-metered electricity audit begins with a review of your landlord’s electricity invoices and the supporting metering and billing records (i.e. your direct bills for sub-metered electricity costs).
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Utility Questionnaire

Have questions about your utilities? Answer a couple of quick questions and we'll be happy to help.
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Smart Water Metering 

Whether your water is used for irrigation, cleaning, production, or for cooling purposes, your water is an important part of your operation. Chelepis Smart Water Meters will give you the important data you need to manage your water use.
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