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Lease Admin Training

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Chelepis has provided best practices training for Lease Admin teams of Fortune 100 companies.


A structured and organized lease administration department is critical to any organization with a substantial number of leased commercial properties. It guarantees accurate payments are made to outside vendors. Critical renewal dates are tracked to avoid costly fees associated with missed dates. It provides up-to-date reporting to allow ease of planning and decision-making.


Chelepis’ Lease Admin Training sets the following minimum goals for a professional Lease Administration department:

  • Assure the accuracy of occupancy expenses and payment processing

  • Minimize occupancy expenses within legal boundaries of lease contract

  • Provide accurate occupancy expense reporting

  • Manage critical dates

  • Manage landlord correspondence

  • Assure accurate and complete legal files are maintained to protect the client’s lease portfolio assets


Beyond setting goals and implementing the process to achieve them, our Lease Admin training educates your team on best practices and current industry trends. Our observations and insights are drawn from 30+ years in the real estate consulting business. As lease auditors, our practice points will give your lease admin team real world examples of landlord billing methods.


Jason Pitsenberger

Senior Auditor, Account Manager

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