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Lease Admin Support

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On one client project, Chelepis abstracted over 3,000 leases!


Allowing Chelepis to process reconciliations unburdens your lease admin team so they can focus on monthly A/P functions.


In addition to our lease audit services, Chelepis offers personnel support for a client’s lease admin functions. Chelepis’ goal is to create an environment where the client is “identifying” potential audit issues with the first review of reconciliations and billings, and not just relying on a third-party auditor. We have a proven track record of establishing best practices for lease payment and reconciliation processes for many Fortune 500 clients. We've initiated lease migration projects that have transferred thousands of leases from paper files to on-line databases. These services also include abstracting thousands of leases so that our client's lease admin staff can focus on the day-to-day operations of lease compliance. Our staff will train lease admin teams on how to standardize document storage and implement guidelines for efficient lease file structure.


Chelepis also offers full annual reconciliation processing, ensuring timely lease payments and quick recognition of payment anomalies. We can provide variance analysis and timely payment approvals that coincide with a client’s A/P process without burdening the Finance Department. This streamlined process ensures no audit windows will be missed, it provides clients with a greater understanding of the lease cost structure, it establishes a detailed historic operating expense history by location, and it keeps a client at “arm’s length”, allowing no disruptions to any ongoing transaction negotiations.


Included in Chelepis’ support role, we prepare monthly and year-to-date activity reports for the client. This allows both the client and Chelepis to search the portfolio for any potential outstanding reconciliations, which can result in increased savings. Our experience indicates this project initiative will more than pay for itself in recoveries.










Jason Pitsenberger

Senior Auditor, Account Manager

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