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Overtime HVAC Analysis


What do your leases say about after hours heating and air conditioning? How is your hourly rate being calculated?

Are you paying more than $25 per hour for overtime OT HVAC?


Chelepis has recognized OT HVAC to be one of the most overlooked components of additional rent. When it’s overlooked, OT HVAC can become one of the costliest components of your additional rent.


If you have one or more locations where your employees are working beyond standard building operating hours, Chelepis can provide you with a professional OT HVAC rate analysis. Generally, rates of over $25 per hour per floor should prompt you to contact us for a review.


Our experienced, professional engineers and analysts can review lease language, equipment, operations, bills and rates to determine if any adjustments are needed to the amounts you are paying. In addition, we’ll give you the exact language you should incorporate in an RFP or lease negotiation.


If you have locations with regular OT HVAC expense, we’d like to help you validate any potential savings. With a complimentary review of your lease language and some sample bills, we can tell you if an OT HVAC rate analysis is recommended.

Case Study

A Fortune 100 client leased space in a mixed-use building

totaling nearly 500,000 square feet. Our client received a bill from

the landlord for overtime HVAC in excess of $750,000... Read more

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