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Dallas, TX : Office Building
Audit Findings : OT HVAC
Savings : $250,000

A Fortune 100 client leased space in a mixed-use building totaling nearly 500,000 square feet. Our client received a bill from the landlord for overtime HVAC in excess of $750,000, which included retroactive charges for proceeding years. This bill was prepared based on the consultation of a third-party engineering firm.

Our licensed engineers performed a detailed inspection of all related equipment and methods of operation, and calculated our client’s true actual cost, which was much lower than the amount calculated by the third-party engineering firm. When our findings were presented to the landlord, the $750,000 bill was withdrawn. In addition, the equipment-specific rates for overtime HVAC that the Chelepis team calculated were used to determine subsequent invoice amounts. As a result, our client realized an ongoing annual savings of over $250,000.

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