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Energy Audits

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Electricity accounts for 61% of all energy consumed in commercial buildings in the US, which comes to over 4.6 trillion Btu’s or 1.3 billion kWh’s. It takes more than meters to ensure that this electricity is billed correctly to the customer.

Due to decades of experience and the assessment of thousands of electricity bills, Chelepis has in-depth knowledge of the electrical demands required at commercial facilities, and how those demands affect operating expenses.


Chelepis goes beyond identifying billing rate miscalculations by reviewing facility bills and utility tariffs. We analyze equipment, we scrutinize sub-meters and their electrical circuits, we install data loggers to track electrical usage, and we pour through hours of interval data to search for those key indicators that reveal issues and opportunities for reduced costs.


Our detailed look at electricity needs, and our analysis of the equipment, activities, and habits that drive electricity usage, often result in strategies that reduce electricity costs. Because of our success, we’re often approached by other service providers to supplement their services to provide additional value to their clients.


With a company like Chelepis, you receive an engineering-based approach from a firm that has the experience and data to understand what drives your facility’s electricity usage. Our proven process has resulted in millions of dollars of savings and has made us a critical resource for those seriously looking to reduce their electrical spend.

Case Study

A Fortune 100 client received an invoice from its landlord in the

amount of $3.6 million for seven years of unbilled electricity usage.

When the invoice was received, our client turned to us to verify... Read more

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Jeff Stidham

Director, Utility Services

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