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About Chelepis

By Laiya Smith,

Digital Marketing Manager

Chelepis creates and maintains measurable solutions for our clients through audit and cost saving programs.  Chelepis distinguishes itself with the ability to negotiate favorable settlements on complex subject matters. Often, due to budgetary and time constraints, corporate real estate departments lack the depth of expertise needed to properly execute audits and cost saving initiatives. That’s why, with over 30 years of experience, Chelepis is invaluable to our clients. Chelepis has recovered over $250 Million for our clients through our auditing programs, utility savings strategies and consulting services.

Chelepis is a full-service audit and consulting firm that is comprised of licensed CPAs, attorneys, engineers and commercial real estate specialists. Each are experts with real world experience in commercial real estate. Chelepis clients are a diverse group of corporate real estate partners including an elite selection of Fortune 500 companies. Industry leaders have chosen Chelepis based on the reputation that Chelepis is “the one to go to” for lease auditing, utility expertise, and corporate real estate consulting.

When executing an audit or cost savings initiative, Chelepis takes on a 3-step approach: identify, quantify, and recover. While clients maintain normal protocols and operations, the Chelepis team will identify the areas within contracts and billings with overstated costs and take the adequate steps to recoup past overcharges thereby reducing future costs for the client. Chelepis implements a thorough analyses of specific contract and lease provisions while carefully evaluating the building’s operating costs. Through this process the Chelepis team can identify how each operating and utility dollar is being calculated, billed and spent.

The depth of expertise that the Chelepis team has acquired over the years allows us to recognize savings that aren’t typically identified by other firms. Chelepis has the experience to negotiate these complex issues to a successful resolution. By partnering with Chelepis to reduce your occupancy costs, you will be working with one of the most respected and capable consulting firms to improve your bottom line.

About Chelepis

Our success is based on knowledge of how each occupancy dollar is consumed, calculated, and billed. We offer real estate industry experience from an operations, accounting, and engineering viewpoint; proven experience not offered by any other firm in the industry.

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