Chelepis & Associates

The Chelepis Team has negotiated the settlement of complex audit issues on properties such as downtown office towers, retail store fronts, suburban office parks, mixed use developments, and multiple location master leases.

The Chelepis & Associates Team consists of seasoned real estate professionals, lawyers, certified public accountants, and engineers that perform lease audits and other real estate consulting services.

The Chelepis & Associates Team provides value added, best in class, professional real estate consulting services. Our clients depend on us for various real estate needs, from lease abstracting, audit negotiations, software review, system implementation, vendor contract auditing, and construction audit services.

The Chelepis & Associates Team knows the current business environment is challenging you to control or reduce occupancy costs. Take advantage of your most powerful tool for reducing costs associated with your leased and owned space - the Chelepis & Associates Team.

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Phone: 913-338-0590