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Greg Trout

Lead Research Analyst | Auditor


Greg oversees the analysis of utility bills for facilities in varying industries to identify and quantify billing errors, equipment malfunctions, and other savings opportunities. Greg also directs the technical and administrative aspects of the Utility team’s review processes while managing related databases and CRM applications.


In addition, Greg supports the audit function of our Lease Services department, reviewing lease documents and associated billings to identify errors, inconsistencies with lease terms, and other potential savings. His project experience includes assisting with reconciliation analyses, above standard billing reviews, and overtime HVAC audits.


Outside the office, Greg enjoys travelling, 35mm photography, and playing tabletop games with friends and family. Greg is an avid musician and sound technician. He plays several instruments, composes and produces music, and has released several albums online through various distribution platforms.


Accounting Data Analysis

CRM Implementation

Technological Literacy

Time Management


Key Information

  • Member of the Chelepis team since 2015.

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