Every lease clause and lease expense can have a material impact on your bottom line. Even the smallest oversight can cost your company thousands of dollars. From the intricacies of common area maintenance, to the details of OT HVAC, base years, experience caps, real estate tax allocations, and BOMA square footage standards, our Team will conduct a thorough, specialized analysis of the specific lease provisions, the operating costs, and the related escalation calculations to identify erroneous expenditures and finalize a financial settlement with the landlord. Our ability to not only perform the audit, but to negotiate the final settlement adds to our best in class reputation which is built upon our 3+ decades of service to our clients.


Our unique engineering approach is based on our in-depth knowledge of how each utility dollar is consumed, calculated, and billed. Combined with our expertise at working with cities and utility providers to correct unfair billing practices and ordinances, our approach often leads to recoveries for both prior and future billings. Best of all, our fee for this service is contingent upon realized recoveries and actual cost savings. Plus, there is no investment required and no change in your normal business operations.


You painstakingly negotiated the terms of your construction contract. Each line item is carefully defined and approved. But during the hectic building process, specific details such as job cost verification, contract compliance, and payment approval can easily be overlooked. This is why we’re a value-add to your firm. Our experienced construction audit team can help identify whether these breakdowns have occurred, quantify the erroneous billing, and negotiate and recover the overpayments. We specialize in understanding every aspect of construction, including contracting, compliance, project management, budgeting, accounting, change orders, approvals, reporting, progress payments, retainage, and liens. When construction issues arise, we are your solution.


In our business, it’s all about details, details, details. Lease Abstracting, Lease Administration, Data Integrity Verification, and Lease Migration are processes filled with esoteric legalese, complex calculations and prodigious paperwork. Minor details can have major effects on your bottom line. Your company may lack the expertise and human capital required to manage this profusion of data. We’ve abstracted thousands of real estate documents. We’ve successfully partnered with our clients to plan, build, and implement lease administration programs. We’ve moved tens of thousands of leases with annual rent value in excess of $100 million without missing a beat or critical date. The comprehensive Lease Services we offer are your solution.