Chelepis has performed thousands of audits across the country for various companies and facilities. We’ve worked with all the major property management firms and have the billing methods, rates, and procedures for hundreds of utility providers and service vendors. We have the data. We know the issues. We know how to obtain meaningful savings on your behalf.
Chelepis acts as an extension of your company. While you maintain normal business operations, we’re hard at work reducing your operating costs. Our core services have resulted in over $250 million dollars in recoveries. Select below to learn more about the core services we offer.

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Lease Audits

Every lease clause and lease expense can have a material impact on your bottom line. Even the smallest oversight can cost your company thousands of dollars. Find out how we can help.
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Wastewater Audits

The data confirms customers are being overbilled on their wastewater. Chelepis has developed a proprietary process to conduct very successful audits that reduce our client’s annual sewer spend by an average of 25%.
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Electricity Audits

Chelepis has in-depth knowledge of the electrical demands required at commercial facilities and how those demands affect operating expenses. Our proven audit process has resulted in millions of dollars of savings for our clients.
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