The Chelepis & Associates team is comprised of CPAs, attorneys, engineers & commercial real estate specialists, making us leaders in lease, utility and consulting services throughout the country.


Chelepis creates and maintains measurable solutions for our clients through consulting, audit, and cost saving programs. Chelepis distinguishes itself with the ability to negotiate favorable settlements on complex issues. Often, due to budgetary and time constraints, corporate real estate departments lack the depth of expertise needed to properly execute audits and cost saving initiatives. That’s why, with over 30 years of experience, Chelepis is invaluable to our clients. Chelepis has recovered over $250 Million for our clients through our  lease auditing programs, utility savings strategies and consulting services.

Tracy Chelepis founded Chelepis & Associates in 1984. With his financial analysis skills and fascination with the industry, Tracy led the company into a  practice concentrating on commercial real estate. At the request of a client, Chelepis & Associates began the specialized practice of real estate lease auditing, and through the years, has developed a process and expertise that's resulted in savings and cost recoveries for our clients.


Tracy Chelepis


CEO & Founder


Michelle Edson



Mark Barrett


Director, Lease Services


John Beck, Esq.

Director, Consulting Services

Jeff Stidham

Director, Utility Services


Lease & Consulting Services

Jessica Camplain

Audit Coordinator

Kristen Finkbiner, JD

Audit Program Manager

Dina Chelepis, MBA

VP, Senior Auditor

Janet Forrest, MBA

Senior Auditor, Account Manager

Ben Kaplan

Lease Auditor

Jason Pitsenberger

Senior Auditor, Account Manager

Alec Weinberg

Senior Auditor, Account Manager

Anna Woodworth, Esq.

Senior Auditor

Utility Services

Dave Ainsworth, PE

Senior Engineer

Luke Foiles, EIT

Engineering Project Manager

Ben Reker

Lead Research Analyst

Greg Trout

Lead Research Analyst


Jay Crossland


Project Manager, Electrician

Justice Corwin

Administrative Support

Craig Harmon

IT Manager

Laiya Smith

Digital Marketing Manager

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