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A Lease Audit is an effective tool for tenants to know that the amounts they are being billed by their landlord follow the negotiated terms of the lease. The Chelepis process begins with a review of your lease and annual operating expense statements to focus on the potential issues that need to be validated...

Why Should my Real Estate Portfolio be Audited?


If your real estate portfolio lacks a systematic approach to auditing your landlord’s statements, you are essentially handing your landlord a blank check and allowing him to fill in the amount. Is this analogy a bit extreme? Maybe, but we don’t think it’s an exaggeration. Occupancy costs ....


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A Fortune 100 client managed a national portfolio of office and retail locations under a master lease.  Chelepis was engaged to perform a multi-year...

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What Negotiation Skills are Needed During the Lease Audit Process 

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Why Should my Real Estate Portfolio be Audited?

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Mark Barrett

Director, Lease Services

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