Chelepis is a full service Lease Audit, Utility Audit, and Consulting Firm that continuously strives to achieve measurable solutions. We accomplish this through the successful implementation of our audit programs and our keen ability to successfully negotiate settlement terms on behalf of our clients.

Our team consists of licensed CPAs, attorneys, engineers and property management specialists that are experts at providing value added, best in class, commercial real estate consulting services.

Chelepis maintains a national presence within the Commercial Real Estate Industry. With over 30 years experience, Chelepis has a proven track record of success and a reputation of outstanding client service. Our licensed professionals will produce measurable solutions and pinpoint hidden costs in order to improve your bottom line.

Chelepis has recovered over a quarter billion dollars in savings through the successfully negotiated settlements of hundreds of complex audit issues in downtown office towers, retail store fronts, suburban office parks, mixed use developments, and multi-location master leases. Take advantage of your most powerful tool for reducing and controlling occupancy costs for your leased and owned space - The team at Chelepis

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At Chelepis, our team utilizes…

        Experience that comes from auditing millions of square feet


        Processes centered on an Engineering-Based Approach


        Knowledge from our extensive team with diverse CRE                              backgrounds


        Critical understanding of internal cross-functionality and best                  practices


        Meaningful solutions resulting in clients’ average annual                            savings of $2.00/sqft.


        Insight from working with various industries (Banking,                                Telecommunications, Healthcare, etc.)

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What Negotiation Skills are Needed During the

Lease Audit Process?

The negotiation skills of your lease auditor are critical to the success of a lease audit. These skills determine the ease of process, and ultimately, your bottom line...

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Jeff Stidham

Director, Utility Services

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Mark Barrett

Director, Lease Services

+1 913 338 1130

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