Wastewater Audits

There are 26 ways sewer utilities overcharge their customers. From incorrect rates to equipment malfunctions, from clerical errors to procedural inconsistencies, sewer charges are often overstated.

The Chelepis Approach

Experience shows that savings exist even after a typical utility audit firm provides its services. This is because the Chelepis approach goes beyond the typical audit.

Chelepis can calculate the amount of sewer savings associated with your operation. We have the utility billing data for thousands of facilities nationwide, which gives us a unique insight into your savings potential. All we need is twelve months of water and sewer bills in order to determine whether we can reduce your sewer charges.

Measurable Solutions

In addition to the sewer savings from your cooling towers, the Chelepis Team will also analyze your water and wastewater bills to identify and obtain other sewer savings. From the initial review to the negotiated settlement, Chelepis manages the entire process from start to finish. Our process is captured within 3 steps:

Step 1: Identify The Savings – an in-depth analysis of your facility’s systems and utility bills.
Step 2: Quantify the Savings – all data is thoroughly analyzed to estimate the expected annual savings.
Step 3: Recover the Savings – the data is presented to the utility and the savings are obtained.

Settlement Negotiations

It’s possible that your city ordinance allows for improper sewer billing. Not only does the Chelepis Team have the expertise to recover savings that relate to current laws, it also has the knowledge and experience to persuade your utility and city to adopt new ordinance language so your utility charges are more accurately based on actual usage. This service is a part of our Wastewater Audit program and is not subject to additional fees.

Take Action

With our Wastewater Audit program, Chelepis fronts any costs associated with obtaining the identified savings and you pay nothing unless you receive actual savings. Our clients realize an average 25% reduction in wastewater billing with no cost to them, resulting in what we call a ‘Return On No Investment’. Contact us today to learn how we can reduce your sewer charges.