Lease Audits

Your real estate broker might have diligently negotiated favorable lease terms on your behalf, but ensuring that your landlord is in compliance with the lease is not his responsibility. Enforcement of the lease terms lies with the tenant.

The Chelepis Approach

Lease audits are an effective tool for ensuring that your landlord is complying with the negotiated terms of your lease.

After auditing millions of square feet of leased space throughout the country, Chelepis understands the lease issues that negatively affect your bottom line. Chelepis understands the complexity of lease agreements, abstracts, and administration processes and how they’re often too wieldy for landlords and property managers to properly address 100% of the time.

Even minor issues can have major effects on your bottom line, and few businesses can afford to hand their landlord a blank check. Whether your company lacks the expertise or the human capital required to address these issues, Chelepis is your solution.

Measurable Solutions

Chelepis obtains the necessary documentation from the landlord and performs an in-depth, comprehensive lease audit to ensure you’re being billed according to your lease agreement. We analyze all the details. From common area maintenance (CAM) to base year expenses, from expense caps to gross-up calculations, our analysis is both thorough and specialized.

After completing our comprehensive audit of your operating expenses, Chelepis prepares and issues a professional audit report to both you and the landlord, detailing each discrepancy between the lease terms and the occupancy costs billed. Each discrepancy is reported separately so it can be addressed on its own merits and with the understanding of its financial impact.

Settlement Negotiations

After the audit report is issued, Chelepis manages the negotiation process with the landlord, and any other related parties, to reach settlement. Our success at settling claims comes from the thoroughness of our audits and the expertise of our team. Not only does the Chelepis Team have the hard skills to gather the facts, it also has the soft skills necessary to communicate those facts effectively in a manner that results in the recovery of overcharges.

Take Action

Chelepis is hired for its expertise. Our ability to not only perform the audit, but to also successfully negotiate the final settlement, adds to our best in class reputation that’s built upon our 3+ decades of service to our clients. We operate, not simply to find billing discrepancies, but with the goal of reducing our client’s occupancy costs while retaining positive leverage and good relations with their landlord. Contact us today to get the process started.