Electricity Audits

“In a single year, public utility companies have overbilled their customers by approximately $19 billion. Errors were discovered in more than 70% of the utility customers’ bills, and of these, nearly 90% were in favor of the utility companies.” – HOUSE WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE

The Chelepis Approach

Chelepis goes beyond simply identifying billing errors and rate miscalculations with our electricity audits. We take a detailed look at your facility’s electrical needs, analyzing the activities and habits that drive your electricity usage, and identify strategies that will reduce your electricity cost.

This engineering-based approach is only possible with a company like Chelepis that has the experience and data to understand what drives a facility’s electricity usage. Whether reviewing the facility bills and the utility tariffs, tracing electrical circuits to verify sub-metered electricity usage, or installing sub-meters to track your electrical usage, the Chelepis Team is thorough in its analysis to identify savings for you.

Measurable Solutions

Our licensed CPAs and Engineers work closely together to analyze your electricity billing data to identify overcharges as well as ongoing strategies that can reduce your electricity usage and costs. From the initial review to the negotiated settlement, Chelepis manages the entire process from start to finish. Our process is captured within 3 steps:

Step 1: Identify The Savings – an in-depth analysis of your facility’s systems and utility bills.
Step 2: Quantify the Savings – all data is thoroughly analyzed to estimate the expected annual savings.
Step 3: Recover the Savings – the data is presented to the utility and the savings are obtained.

Settlement Negotiations

The savings can be due to something as straightforward as an incorrect billing rate or it can be as complicated as a utility procedure that’s inconsistent with state requirements. Either way, Chelepis will work with the utility provider on your behalf to recover the identified overcharges and to implement any agreed upon strategy that will reduce your electricity costs going forward.

Take Action

Chelepis is paid only when electricity savings are received so you are never out-of-pocket any funds. If savings are not found, then we’ve done our job at no cost to you. With our program, there is no risk with having us determine whether meaningful savings exist at your facility. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did. Contact Chelepis today and we’ll start the process of improving your bottom line.