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In our business, it’s all about details, details, details. Lease Abstracting, Lease Administration, Data Integrity Verification and Lease Migration are processes filled with esoteric legalese, complex calculations and prodigious paperwork. Minor details can have major effects on your bottom line. Your company may lack the expertise and human capital required to manage this profusion of data. The Comprehensive Lease Services offered by the Chelepis & Associates Team is your solution.

Chelepis & Associates has a team of real estate, legal, engineering, and accounting professionals that serve a broad range of clients, including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. These companies know proper set up and management of real estate data is crucial to realizing significant time and cost efficiencies.

Lease Abstracting

The Chelepis & Associates Team has abstracted literally thousands of real estate documents. Our real-world understanding of the industry allows us to deliver a product with incomparable accuracy and efficiency.

  • Database design and creation
  • Abstract Form design
  • Extract pertinent lease data
  • Create standardized lease files
  • Provide paper and/or electronic format
  • Data entry and review ·Review data integrity

Lease Administration

Even minor oversights in your lease contract can lead to major overpayments, missed performance dates, and ultimately have a negative impact on your bottom line. The Chelepis & Associates Team knows where to look for and how to correct, potentially costly errors. We will partner with your real estate organization to improve the lease administration process. If you outsource this demanding task, we provide the total lease administration package.

  • Organize accurate standardized files
  • Verify accuracy of database records
  • Resolve rent discrepancies
  • Prepare recurring rent payment
  • Create monthly payment reports
  • Supply critical dates reports
  • Calculate annual budgets
  • Data entry and review
  • Ensure accurate payment of rent and operating expenses
  • Monthly rent payment and reporting

Lease Migration

Your company has just acquired a firm with a number of leases nationwide. You must integrate the data into your system before next month’s rent is due. Missed dates for renewal or termination can be extremely costly. This is where Lease Migration services come in. We will help you move your real estate leases from one place to another, and from accounting systems during mergers, acquisition or re-engineering. Our real estate specialists can process all the paperwork, analyze the transaction detail and merge the new data into your information system; without missing a beat, or a critical date. The Chelepis & Associates Team has moved tens of thousands of leases with annual rent value in excess of $100 million.

  • Collect files from each geographic location
  • Centralize and standardize lease files
  • Abstract pertinent lease data
  • Integrate with your database
  • Perform interim lease administration
  • Data entry and review
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