Lease Audits

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Even the smallest oversight can cost your company thousands of dollars. Lease expense invoices are some of the most complicated documents your company receives. They often contain complex calculations based on detailed interrelationships between the actual lease contract, building operations and maintenance costs. Lack of expertise about these enigmatic issues can dramatically affect your bottom line. The Lease Audit services offered by the Chelepis & Associates Team is your solution.

Every clause in your lease contract can potentially impact your monthly rent bill, and you won’t find a better interpreter than the Chelepis & Associates Team. We have the seasoned experience and professional training needed to translate the words on paper into reduced occupancy costs and increased profits.

Our lease audit team consists of attorneys, accountants, engineers and property management specialists who are well versed with the small details of the fine print. They understand the intricacies of issues like common area maintenance, kilowatt hours, HVAC costs, real estate tax allocations, base years, experience caps and BOMA square footage standards.

Our Team will conduct a thorough, specialized analysis of the specific lease provisions, operating costs of the building and escalation calculations built into the landlord’s operating costs. Our Team will carefully scrutinize the unique terminology of the lease to discover cost-saving opportunities. Finally, if discrepancies are found, our Team will negotiate and finalize a financial settlement with the landlord. The Chelepis Team's ability to not only perform the audit, but to negotiate the final settlement adds to our best in class reputation which is built upon our 3+ decades of service to our clients.

For over 30 years, Chelepis & Associates has facilitated savings and cost recoveries of more than $200 million to our clients. We know that’s a language every business can understand.

  • Analyze operating expenses and real estate tax escalations
  • Examine space charges
  • Review Base Rent and CPI calculations
  • Verify after hours HVAC charges
  • Recalculate square footage measurements
  • Review gross-up calculations
  • Offer lease renewal assistance
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