About Us

Who We Are

Tracy Chelepis founded Chelepis & Associates, Inc. in 1984. With his financial analysis skills and fascination with the industry, Mr. Chelepis led the company into a practice concentrating on commercial real estate. At the request of a client, Chelepis & Associates began the specialized practice of real estate auditing, and through the years, has developed an expertise that has resulted in more than $200 million in savings and cost recoveries for our clients.

In 1999, we expanded our services to include lease abstracting, lease administration, and lease migration in order to deliver comprehensive data management services to our clients. To date, we have migrated tens of thousands of leases/contracts with annual rent values in excess of $100 million. These efforts alone have resulted in $2.5 million in savings during the migration process. We have become the best in class for our services, which have continued to grow to include utility assessments and construction consulting.

Our clients trust us to efficiently identify the complex issues, to quantify any overspend, and obtain the proper negotiated settlements. Our national presence and professionalism provide a level of service that is demanded by Fortune 100 companies and is valued by all our clients. Chelepis & Associates is the partner you can depend upon in the fast paced, complicated world of commercial real estate.

Management Team

Tracy Chelepis
President and CEO

Mark Barrett
Audit Program Director

Jeff Stidham
Utility Program Director